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Becmain AS Winter League 2018/19

Becmain AS Winter League 2018/19

Sunday 21st Oct     Pea Lane - Silvers

Sunday 11th Nov     Harwood Hall - Silvers

Sunday 25th Nov     North Benefleet Hall

Sunday 2nd Dec      Pea lane  Fur and Feather Xmas Match

Sunday 6th Jan       Pea Lane   New Year Trophy

Sunday 20th Jan      Orchard Place Farm - Lake 5

Sunday 10th Feb      Pea Lane - Silvers

Sunday 3rd Mar        R Thames / Grand Union Canal - weather dependent

Sunday 31st Mar       Harwood Hall - Silvers

LAA competitions during 2019 - Team and individual entries - only LAA members can take part in these competitions

Sunday 4th Aug 2019  LAA canal Benevolent - GUC

Sunday 1st Sept 2019  Thames Championship - R Thames

Sunday 6th Oct 2019  Geen Cup - Southend Farm

Sunday 3rd Nov 2019  Thames Valley Benevolent




WEDS STEWARD - TED ETTY 0208 524 2784

(As limited pegs are available you must call to confirm before match)